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Today, our research and editorial team has a product that is designed to help you lose weight, without having to go through any complicated diets or exercise.
Tea Burn, which is sold exclusively through Teaburn.com, claims to be a 100% natural and patent-pending formula, which you can add to your tea to make your weight loss journey easy and hassle-free. It does so, while purportedly also boosting your health, energy, and well-being at the same time.

Product: Tea Burn
Description: A 100% natural, patent-pending proprietary powdered supplement that mixes with your tea or any other beverage of choice to help in weight loss.
Type: Flavorless, colorless powder, that can be consumed with any beverage to trigger weight loss naturally without any ill effects.
Made By: Created by John Barban, a fitness expert, nutritionist, 3-time best-selling author wellness expert, and weight loss specialist.
Website: TeaBurn.com (Only official website)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Chlorogenic Acid from Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • EGCG
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Chromium
  • And many more.
  • Dose: One individual packet per morning with your tea or coffee.
  • Tasteless and easy to dissolve, enhances coffee without affecting its flavors.
  • Made from completely natural elements.
  • Gluten-free, and, GMO-free.
  • Drastically speeds up your metabolic rate and burn fat to help in weight loss.
  • Benefits:
  • Takes effect on the areas of the body that have the most stubborn and hard to get rid of fat deposits.
  • Maintains blood sugar and blood pressure.
  • Breaks down and burns fat resulting in weight loss.
  • Works on the natural metabolism of the body, speeding it and making it more efficient.
  • Side Effects:
  • No negative or harmful side effects were reported by any user.
  • No real bad or painful reactions were reported by actual customers.
  • In case of any unforeseen complications seek immediate medical help.
  • Not for pregnant & breastfeeding women, allergic people, or people under medication or with ED.
  • Testing: Made in FDA-approved labs and tested by independent 3rd party laboratories.
    Cost: Ranges from $69 to $204 depending on the number of days.
    Money Back: 100% no questions asked money-back guarantee, up till 60 days after purchase.

    In this Tea Burn review, we will be taking a closer look at what exactly is Tea Burn, what it’s made of, does it actually works, and a lot more. Unlike the many sponsored Tea Burn reviews, we have done a lot of research and looked at what popular healthcare advice or guidelines revealed about Tea Burn to bring you one of the best Tea Burn reviews you will find!

    What is Tea Burn?

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    Tea Burn is a flavorless weight-loss powder that you can add to your morning tea. The Tea Burn formula is a 100% natural and proprietary, pending patent formula that supposedly makes the claimed benefits of Tea Burn a reality.
    The Tea Burn formula is available in the form of single-serve packages or pouches that can be added to your tea. What makes Tea Burn stand out is the fact that in spite of its special blend of natural ingredients, it is completely flavorless in nature. Thus, Tea Burn doesn’t change the flavor of your beloved every day tea.

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    The Manufacturer claims that by consuming their special formula, you can speed up your metabolism. This helps you lose weight and makes you feel healthier and better overall, providing you with a fresh dose of energy and happiness.
    It is also said that Tea Burn contains FDA-approved research ingredients. This includes ingredients such as L-theanine, vitamins, caffeine, and more. All of these ingredients are known for their physical benefits, it contains only GMO-free ingredients.
    Before consuming any supplements, ensure that the advice or guidelines revealed by your licensed professional physician are thoroughly followed.

    How To Incorporate Tea Burn Into Your Diet?

    Tea Burn claims to be completely flavorless. You can avail the benefits of Tea Burn by simply adding it to any hot or cold tea of your choice.
    You can even add it to any other beverage of your choice. Since it is colorless and flavorless in nature, it won’t affect the color or flavor of your desired beverage, at all. Just open up a pouch, pour in your hot or cold tea, mix and enjoy!

    Core Mechanism – How Does the Tea Burn Work?

    Tea Burn with its patent-pending nutritional complex formula and natural ingredients is crafted to provide you with various health benefits such as weight loss by increasing your body’s metabolism. It comes in small daily packages that contain one serving of Tea Burn each.

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    By adding some Tea Burn to any hot or cold tea, or other beverages of your choice, you can experience the claimed benefits of losing weight and feeling energetic. Taking Tea Burn daily has purportedly shown to help people lose weight, by speeding up their natural metabolic rates, which helps burn fat faster and convert excessive fat cells into energy.
    It is made with a special formula that has no flavor or color profile of its own. This ensures that you can avail of its full benefits without impairing or hindering the taste of your favorite beverages. As Tea Burn contains caffeine, you might want to consume it earlier in the day to ensure that you stay energetic all day long.
    With its naturally sourced and GMO-free ingredients, Tea Burn helps its patrons lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle where they enjoy overall health benefits.

    Is There Any Scientific Evidence Backing Tea Burn?

    According to the creators of Tea Burn and their official site, thousands upon thousands of happy and real customers have enjoyed the various health benefits of Tea Burn and swear by it. Even though the formula hasn’t been scientifically reviewed, the use of such formulas as a whole has been well researched. There also has been some extensive research on the different natural ingredients present in Tea Burn. All these studies were taken into consideration by the creators of Tea Burn while making their product. So, does adding this formula or any other weight loss powder really help in losing weight? Here’s what the science has to say about it:
    The many ingredients of Tea Burn which are naturally sourced have been extensively researched. According to one scientific study from 2011, it was suggested that green coffee beans can help individuals lose weight. In that study, researchers looked into the usage of green coffee extract, as an alternative supplement that helps with reducing weight and losing excessive fat stored by the body. The study concluded that green coffee extract does in fact help in weight loss.
    The International Journal of Obesity published one of the largest studies conducted on weight loss, back in 2009. According to various researchers who analyzed the relationship between weight loss and green tea, via a series of multiple trials, they concluded that catechins present in green tea significantly decreased body weight while sustaining a natural course of weight loss over a certain, extended period of time. The naturally contained EGCG, catechins, and caffeine in green tea, combine very well to lead to significant weight loss results.
    Green coffee bean extracts, which are a prominent ingredient of Tea Burn are shown to consist of chlorogenic acids, which can help combat or prevent diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes. In Type 2 diabetes, the body is unable to utilize the insulin produced by it which leads to sugar accumulation. Chlorogenic acid is known to assist with diabetic management, particularly type 2 diabetes. According to a recent 2020 study, these bioactive chemicals found in the extract of green coffee beans aid in the normal regulation of glucose and insulin in the blood and the improvement of blood glucose and insulin levels. Additionally, a study from 2019 also showed that the extract from green beans is good for individuals suffering from hypertension or experiencing higher blood pressure levels.
    Many of the ingredients on here have one thing in common, in that they are all rich in caffeine. Caffeine is very commonly linked to weight loss according to multiple studies. One such study showed that consuming caffeine may increase fat burning in your body by a surprising 15% to 30%, in lean people and boost the rate of fat burning by around 10% in people who are obese by BMI standards. The fat loss effects that caffeine shows, appear to be less potent and gradually decrease with age, but they are particularly well noticeable in young people.

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    On the other hand, however, consuming too much coffee or caffeine isn’t ideal either. Caffeine is infamous for its almost addiction-like symptoms. It is also shown to cause jitters and restlessness in many people. Some people even claim to experience caffeine-induced anxiety. This is why Tea Burn also has amino acids like L-theanine which help counteract the negative effects of coffee that are generally seen in consumers. L-theanine is also shown to be good for cognition and reducing or clearing mental fog to make people calmer and composed overall.
    Therefore, to conclude, the patent-pending nutritional complex formula of Tea Burn does contain a varied blend of very special and unique ingredients that have proven and well-researched effects on your body weight and other health factors. But, with the lack of information such as dosage information, ingredient sources, or the full list of ingredients, it is a bit difficult to compare the various weight loss supplements available online today with Tea Burn. There is a possibility that Tea Burn may contain high and effective dosages of all the listed and known ingredients, but with limited transparency, and the unavailability of other information, it is hard to prove or disprove these claims right away.

    What Does Tea Burn Comprise Of?

    According to their official site, Tea Burn contains all-natural ingredients. It is said that these ingredients are food and drug administration or FDA-approved (GRAS) research ingredients with known uses.
    The Tea Burn formula claims to have fat-burning properties. This is only possible because of the Tea Burn ingredients such as green tea extract and coffee extract. Each of these ingredients is known to be beneficial to the human body.
    So, let’s take a deeper look at some of these ingredients that Tea Burn contains:

    Coffee extract

    Coffee extract in the form of a green coffee bean extract is also an active and natural ingredient that Tea Burn contains. Green Coffee beans are nothing but your regular coffee beans that are yet to be roasted. Green coffee beans are roasted to obtain coffee beans and other products.
    Coffee extract from these fresh and unroasted green coffee beans is used in many weight loss supplements. Green coffee beans extract is used to help not only with fat burning but also to help boost your energy levels. It’s also known to aid in blood-pressure management and multiple weight loss gains because of its ability to speed up your body’s natural metabolism. The use of ingredients like these is what makes you lose weight when you drink the Tea Burn formula.


    Caffeine is a chemical compound that is naturally a part of any tea or coffee you consume. Tea Burn contains caffeine as it is one of the most widely consumed compounds that is famed for its fat-burning capabilities.
    The Tea burn formula has a healthy amount of caffeine that is designed to jumpstart your energy levels. This is one of the Tea Burn ingredients that is known for its effects on the natural metabolism of your body. Caffeine can increase the rate of fat-burning easily which is why it’s used in many weight loss solutions as well.

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    Green tea extract

    Another super beneficial ingredient that Tea Burn contains is green tea extract. Any weight loss supplement that you purchase today, would contain green tea extract in some capacity owing to its natural fat-burning uses. In many Asian cultures, green tea is the preferred drink of choice as it is herbal in nature. It is revered across the globe because of its medicinal properties.
    Green tea extract is considered to be a very rich source of antioxidants such as EGCG or Epigallocatechin Gallate which helps deal with inflammation and is good for losing weight. Green tea extract is a natural source of caffeine, leading to increased metabolism which helps lose weight. The use of this ingredient definitely makes Tea Burn an incredible weight loss supplement.


    L-theanine is a form of amino acid. It is naturally present in green teas and black teas. Tea Burn contains L-theanine owing to its multiple benefits. It helps you naturally feel relaxed and stress-free, something you will experience after consuming the tea burn formula. It is also of the Tea Burn ingredients that are known for being good for blood pressure. L-theanine is one of the two major amino acids present in Tea Burn, that aid in losing weight and promote overall health.


    L-carnitine is another essential amino acid that Tea Burn contains. It is one of the two naturally occurring amino acids that our body makes – L- theanine, and L- Carnitine. Tea burn ensures that you get a healthy dose of these essential amino acids daily.
    L-carnitine is naturally made in the human brain, liver, and kidney. It burns fat and converts it into energy. Thus, the inclusion of L-carnitine in the Tea Burn formula was a no-brainer. It is your body’s natural fat-burning chemical.
    Any incredible weight loss supplement such as Tea Burn, that claims to help people lose weight would definitely use something as helpful as L-carnitine owing to its many benefits for health and the fact that it’s completely naturally occurring and safe.


    Tea Burn contains chromium, an important and essential mineral. Many people depend on weight loss supplements for their chromium intake. The Tea Burn formula is designed to help you lose weight and speed up the excess fat burning while also providing your body with various essential nutrients and vitamins.
    Chromium is known to support weight loss and reduce multiple weight gains. It works well with other naturally occurring hormones and amino acids of your body to make losing weight easy. Chromium, additionally also helps you regulate your blood sugar levels to keep you energized throughout the day.

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    What Are The Benefits You Can Derive From Tea Burn?

    The company claims that by adding Tea Burn to your everyday tea or other beverage of choice, you can avail a wide range of benefits. The official site furthers these claimed benefits of Tea Burn by sharing accounts of their customers. Any new customer may naturally wonder about things like ‘if I consume Tea Burn powder what will happen?’ And to answer that question, according to what the company claims if you consume tea burn you can expect to lose weight and notice a boost in your energy level throughout the day. It is also said to have various other benefits, which we will be taking a detailed look at now.

    Helps Melt Stubborn Fat

    Stubborn Fat is the fat accumulated in various places of your body that is difficult to get rid of. These fats are generally stored around your belly. Fat deposits tend to form more easily in areas that have alpha-2 receptors in the body. Due to these factors, you are unable to get rid of these fat cells with conventional diets or exercises.
    Tea Burn promotes fat burning in your body. This formula contains several natural ingredients that aid in the loss of these stubborn fat layers. If you take it every day, it is said that you can work your way through these layers of fat and melt them quickly and effectively.

    Helps You Lose Weight Naturally

    We have seen that Tea Burn boosts metabolism. This is good for the energy levels of your body. But it also helps you lose weight effectively and naturally. Green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, and the other natural ingredients in Tea Burn are known for their health benefits.
    The Tea Burn is a formula designed to result in excess fat burning by not only boosting your body’s natural metabolism but also causing a reduced hunger to make you feel hungry throughout the day. This is done in a completely risk-free and natural manner to make your weight loss journey easy.

    Helps Increase Energy Levels

    Extract from green tea and green coffee bean extract used in Tea Burn are known for their weight loss benefits. They contain strong doses of caffeine to turn your everyday tea into a powerful energy booster in morning tea and help you have higher energy levels throughout the day.
    Tea Burn also boosts metabolism which breaks down anything that you eat or drink to provide your body with more energy. These increased energy levels result in helping you lose weight effectively by making you more energetic and active throughout the day.

    Helps Reduce Appetite and Cravings

    The root cause of excessive weight gain is often shown to be an increase in appetite and cravings for junk, sugar-rich carbs, or other unhealthy foods. Taking Tea Burn dietary supplement is known to curb these cravings. It uses its various healthy and natural ingredients to tackle excessive weight at its source to ensure that not only do you lose your extra weight effectively but also don’t gain it back quickly. This is done by suppressing your cravings for junk food and reducing your appetite so that you feel less hungry overall and hence consume less food.

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    Improves Metabolism

    Tea Burn claims that tea burn promotes metabolism. Many online real customer tea burn reviews further the claim. ‘Just add tea burn formulation to your preferred beverage to enhance your metabolism’, it says. Now, as we have noted previously the ingredients of tea burn such as green tea extract and green coffee bean extract are known to boost metabolism.
    Metabolism is a process by which your body converts anything and everything you eat or drink into energy. People with slow metabolic rates experience a general lack of energy and have a difficult time losing weight. Tea Burn apparently boosts metabolism to make it easier for your body to convert the food that you have consumed into energy molecules. This also helps you be more physically active and thus lose weight more effectively.

    Helps Improve Blood Sugar Level and High Blood Pressure

    Another benefit of the tea extracts and other herbal, natural ingredients of the Tea Burn dietary supplement is that it regulates your blood sugar level and lowers high blood pressure.
    Higher or irregular blood sugar levels occur due to the accumulation of sugar in your body and are often linked with excessive weight gain or even obesity. Taking Tea Burn helps you reduce weight and keep these sugar levels in check to ensure that you don’t experience any adverse effects of diabetes.
    Similarly, high blood pressure is known to cause cardiovascular diseases. It can put you at constant risk of heart-related chronic diseases that are terminal in nature. Thus managing your blood pressure and ensuring that it is in the healthy 80 – 120 range is very crucial for your overall health and wellbeing.

    Aims To Improve Mental Focus

    Another benefit of Tea Burn, according to their official website is that it is known to support healthy brain function. Taking Tea Burn daily can boost your mental health because of its natural ingredients. This dietary supplement can aid your cognitive health and improve mental focus. Just mix Tea Burn formulation to your daily beverage of choice to clear mental fog, improve cognition and have better focus and concentration, throughout the day.

    Whitens Teeth

    People who consume a lot of tea or coffee, usually have discolored or yellow teeth. This happens because some of the natural chemicals in these beverages or other commonly consumed food items cause damage to the enamel of your teeth, leaving them yellow. This can lead to one feeling bad or insecure and result in a loss of self-confidence. The damage to enamel can also leave you at risk of developing painful cavities.
    One of the benefits of tea burn and its patent-pending complex formula is that it helps you whiten your teeth. It might seem unlikely, but many Tea Burn reviews support the brand’s claim that it can whiten teeth. It is usually mixed into a cup of tea in the morning. Together, the natural ingredients in Tea Burn works to protect the natural enamel of your teeth from the damaging effects of tea.

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    Pricing: How Much Does Tea Burn Cost?

    After reading this review, if you are looking to purchase Tea Burn powder then, we would suggest it is best that you buy Tea Burn powder from their official website as it is the easiest, hassle-free, and most authentic way to get your hands on Tea Burn supplement. By purchasing it from their official website, you ensure that you aren’t receiving any scams or counterfeit products. You also won’t have to pay any additional costs while you can be assured of getting delivered a packet of genuine Tea Burn. The minimum number of Tea Burn powder packets that you can buy is 30 which will last you for about a month.
    Here is a list of all the different sizes and prices in which Tea Burn powder is sold to help you get a better idea of what you should be buying. (Currently, they are running a limited-time offer on their official website with which you can get premium Tea Burn pricing.) The only additional cost is that of shipping.

    • 1 Pouch which gives you a 30-day supply, for $69 (+ Shipping additional.)
    • 3 Pouches which can last for 90 days, for $39 Per Pouch, and $177 total. (+ Shipping additional)
    • 6 Pouches of Tea Burn, which can last for 120 days for $34 per pouch, and $204 total. (+ Shipping additional.)

    Is There A Money Back Guarantee On Tea Burn?

    If you buy the Tea Burn supplement from their official website today, you can get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Without having to pay any additional cost when you purchase the Tea Burn supplement, you are entitled to the no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.
    If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the results of Tea Burn or you don’t experience any of its claimed benefits, then you can just return the product to get 100% of your money back. Even if you have used all or half of it, all you need to do is return the packets and they will refund your purchase as long as it is within 60 days of your purchase. This 100%, 60-day money-back guarantee makes it easier for people to try Tea Burn without worrying about their money.

    What Are The Side Effects Of Tea Burn? Is Tea Burn Safe?

    Taking tea burn daily is said to be completely safe and free from negative side effects. According to honest customer reviews on their official website, Tea Burn is safe and many consumers have lost significant weight because of it.
    It should be noted that Tea Burn isn’t intended to diagnose/treat or cure anything. There are no known negative side effects but it is advised that you must consult with your licensed healthcare provider before using any supplements that claim to cause weight loss.

    Who Should Not Use Tea Burn?

    There are a few people who are advised not to consume Tea Burn as it may lead to undesirable results. These groups of people include:
    Pregnant women: If you are someone who is currently pregnant, you should avoid health supplements and only consume food and medicines prescribed by your doctors, and avoid any weight loss pills or supplements.
    Allergic people: If you have any allergies you should stay away from Tea Burn. Although Tea Burn doesn’t contain any normal allergens, it may or may not be prepared at a facility where it might come in contact with allergy-inducing substances, hence you should avoid this product.
    Breastfeeding women: A breastfeeding woman has to provide nutrition to her newborn infant as well. This is especially if she is nursing. Taking any food supplement while breastfeeding is highly not recommended as it may lead to insufficient nutrition in the kid. After the infant has been weaned, you can consume supplements with consultation from a professional physician.
    People under medication: If you are currently on any medication, then you should avoid consuming another health supplement as it may clash with your medication. Please refer to your licensed healthcare provider for further information.
    People with eating disorders: If you have had a history of eating disorders or you have previously indulged in any form of appetite suppressants then you should avoid consuming Tea Burn.

    Final Verdict – Does Tea Burn Help In Your Weight Loss Journey?

    If you are looking to buy Tea Burn supplement then do not skip over the terms and conditions on their official website. Tea Burn is not intended to diagnose/treat or cure any form of illness or disease. It is not meant for those purposes at all. All the ingredients used in Tea Burn are FDA or food and drug administration (GRAS) research approved. As per the opinions expressed online and within this article, our research and editorial team considers Tea Burn to be safe and effective in weight loss.
    Note: Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can greatly enhance the effects of this superb energy booster morning tea.
    (LIMITED STOCK) Click Here to Buy Tea Burn at a Special Discounted Price Today! >>>


    The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.
    Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.
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