The Top 4 At Home Workouts For Women

Getting fit as a woman in today’s berserka-busy world can be tough.

You’ve got a busy job, kids to ferry around, meals to cook, a relationship to maintain, obligatory phone calls with your mother and a few too many friends with a cake habit. Here at Only Bodyweight, we figured that putting together some at home workouts for women might help you fit in the exercise you’ve been craving without throwing off the precarious balance you’ve finally built.

Let’s quickly cover the four key types of workout you want to include in your routine on a regular basis in order to get fit and keep your body in great shape:


High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) has gained massive popularity in the last few years in the fitness industry, and with good reason. Several studies have come out of Japan and the US showing the short, very intense interval workouts actually have a greater impact on both aerobic fitness and fat loss than longer, steady-state cardio sessions like running.

HIIT sessions trigger the development of lean muscle mass (which is important for developing tone), boosting fat loss and improving strength and aerobic capacity. So believe me – if you want to lose fat or get toned, you want to be doing HIIT sessions. A couple of times a week is all you need, with each session being just 30 minutes or less.

Sprinting or tough bodyweight circuits are the best HIIT options, which is why Only Bodyweight has a whole workout section dedicated to them.

2. Whole Body Workout

Working your entire body is a must. This may sound like a ridiculous, obvious thing to say, but it’s truly alarming how often I hear, “Oh no, I don’t work my legs. I don’t care about my legs. I just want a flat stomach, so I just focus on training abs.” NO. NOOOOO NO. Don’t do that.

Not only is it a one-way ticket to the bulkiest band of muscle around your midriff that you can imagine, but you need to think of your body as an entire machine – not just it’s individual parts. You can’t train your legs and expect to get toned arms. You can’t do 300 sit ups every day and expect to get a Beyonce booty.

And though you have a problem area you want to focus on (we all do), focusing solely on that area is problematic for a few reasons: Firstly, you get obsessed and monitor your progress daily, which means you are so accustomed to the sight of that area that you never notice any change. Secondly, you begin to look a little disproportionate – having a lean upper body, for example, with a flabby lower half doesn’t work well for anyone.

And finally, looks are not everything! Whole body workouts ensure you get a great cardio hit combined with some sweet, sweet resistance workouts. This potent combination kicks your metabolism up, stimulates your central nervous system, regulates your hormones and increases your ability to build lean muscle and burn fat.

A whole body workout each week will be enough to start seeing the results you want.

3. Upper Body Workouts

Let’s be honest – we all want nice flat abs and long, lean arms with no bingo wings. A tight upper body looks great in summer dresses and singlets, in bikinis and your birthday suit.

So while it’s important to hit your whole body, the upper body split is also key. Incorporating 2 upper body workouts each week is a great way to make sure you are getting the sexy stomach and amazing arms you’re dreaming of.

We focus heavily on exercises like pushups, planks, tricep dips, myotatic crunches and Russian twists to target your abs, shoulders, whole arms and back.

4. Lower Body Workouts

For many women, the butt and legs are where the big problems lie. Thanks to our hormonal makeup, estrogen makes us store a lot of fat in the lower body, where it becomes entrenched, and (the horror!) shows up in rolley, cellulite-y folds we can’t seem to budge.

This is why it’s so important to dedicate 2 workouts a week to the lower body. Making use of highly effective exercises like the squat, lunge, wall sit, toe touch jack and box jumps, the Only Bodyweight lower body splits are touch, but they’ll kick your ass into shape!

2 lower split workouts a week is ideal, combined with a couple of leisurely walks when you have time.

So what does all this look like in a single week?

The Schedule for At Home Workouts for Women:

Monday: Upper Body Workout 1 and HIIT session
Tuesday: Lower Body Workout 1 and optional walk
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Upper Body Workout 2 and HIIT session
Friday: Lower Body Workout 2 and optional walk
Saturday: Whole Body Workout and optional walk
Sunday: Rest Day

Now, 5 workouts a week might seem like a lot. But the Only Bodyweight Generator is designed to create workouts as short at 10 minutes, and up to 25 minutes. Let’s be real – 10 minutes is a toilet break for most of us ladies!

Just a few minutes set aside each day is enough to start making some serious changes to your body. You can even save your favourite workouts so you know exactly how much time you’re going to need.

It couldn’t be easier.

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